Appointed governors

Our appointed governors are appointed to the Council of Governors from local partner organisations and staff side union.

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Below you can view a list of the members currently appointed to our Council of Governors from our local authority partners and staff side union.

Our Council of Governors meets four times a year and as members, you are welcome to attend and observe these meetings.

Halton Borough Council
Councillor Marie Wright
Marie Wright.jpgI am the Executive Board Member for Health and Adults at Halton Borough Council and am also responsible for the public health agenda. I have worked for many years with vulnerable homeless people and I will always be passionate about public health issues, ensuring the community receives all the relevant information to enable people to make informed choices about every aspect of their personal health.

Knowsley Council

Sefton Council
Councillor John Kelly
John Kelly.jpgI retired from my post as Executive Director of Operations for a large mental health trust in September 2011 and recently retired as a specialist professional advisor to the Care Quality Commission. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in both health and social care services which will be of value in my role as governor. As a Labour councillor for Manor Ward in Sefton since 2012 and as Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Safeguarding Services since 2016, my political experience and awareness gives me first-hand knowledge of national policy change and the impact upon our local communities. I am committed to working with service users and carers to ensure the best services are available when needed. As a member of Sefton's Health and Wellbeing Board and as a longstanding Sefton resident, I will make sure Sefton has a clear voice in North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

St Helens Council

Warrington Borough Council
Councillor Pat Wright
Pat Wright.jpgI am the Executive Board Member for Health and Wellbeing and Adult Services at Warrington Borough Council. I am a passionate advocate for older and vulnerable people, championing issues from mental health to patient and carer rights.

Wigan Council
Councillor Jim Moodie
Jim Moodie.jpgI have lead responsibility for Public Health at Wigan Council, as well as aiming to raise the importance of physical activity. The disparities and inequalities in health, particularly in different areas, are of a high priority of mine. I am also a great believer in working in partnership to reduce the above and I hope to make a positive contribution to the Trust’s goals.

Staff side chairman
Ann Cunliffe
Ann Cunliffe.jpgI am the Trust's Staff Side Chair and the UNISON branch Chair. My aim is to ensure management and Staff Side work closely together, in a supportive and cooperative manner to the mutual benefit of the Trust, its services and the Staff Side membership as a whole.

If you'd like to speak to one of your local governors, you can do so by contacting our Company Secretary Office on 01925 664 878 or by email at