Chronic pain
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What is chronic pain?
Chronic pain is pain which has persisted for more than six months (or more than the time required for normal tissue healing). In some cases, chronic pain can last for many years and it is a surprisingly common problem. 

Some studies suggest as many as one in seven people in the UK have some form of chronic pain condition. Sometimes treatments are able to ease the pain, but very often complete pain relief is not possible.

Common effects of chronic pain
Chronic pain can mean more than just living with an unpleasant sensation. It can have many negative physical, psychological and social effects. For example, people often cut down on work, social and recreational activities and as a result lose fitness, so everyday tasks become even more difficult. For some, this loss of confidence in their ability to do things they once took for granted results in frustration, anxiety, anger or even depression. Life can then become dominated and defined by the pain. Disturbed sleep is a further common problem, adding to fatigue and stress. People often take more and more painkillers but to less effect.

How can we help you?
In Halton and St Helens we run a Chronic Pain Management Service to support people living with long term pain.  
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