How to become a governor

We hold regular elections where members can stand to be governors of our foundation trust.

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Our public governors play an important role on our Council of Governors and bring valuable experiences and ideas to our Trust.

A public governor is elected by the members in the constituency they are standing to be a governor within. Each of our public governors is appointed for a period of up to three years.

The public constituency is drawn from seven areas. These are made up of six boroughs where we deliver our services (Halton, Knowsley, St Helens, Warrington, Wigan and Sefton), plus the seventh constituency called 'other', which represents areas outside of these six boroughs.

The number of governor seats in each borough is currently based on population size. Staff and appointed members from our partner organisations also form an important part of our Council of Governors. 

How do I become a public governor?

The Trust welcomes nominations from people of any age (16 and over), race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender, disability and those with caring responsibilities.

Please note that in order to be elected to our Council of Governors you will need to live in the constituency where you would like to be nominated.

You can register your interest in becoming a governor by emailing 

The nomination period is open from 3 to 18 January 2018 and you can download the forms below:

Current vacancies:

We have public governor vacancies in the following constituencies:
  • Knowsley x 4 vacancies
  • Wigan x 3 vacancies
  • St Helens x 4 vacancies
  • Sefton x 2 vacancies
  • Other x 1 vacancy (this covers the rest of England)
We have staff governor vacancies in the following constituencies: 
  • Allied Health Professional x 1 vacancy
  • Manager (8a and above) x 1 vacancy
  • Medical x 1 vacancy
  • Nursing x 1 vacancy
  • Support Services* x 1 vacancy (*support services includes all staff which would not fit into any other category)