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Halton referral information

Information about our services and making referrals to them for professionals in Halton.

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Below you can view information aimed at health professionals and other professionals working with our services to support you to make appropriate referrals to our services in Halton. This page provides information to help you reach a decision as to whether our service is right for your patient or client and how to make a referral so they can begin accessing support.

If you have any further questions about any of the services below, either visit the service's page on our website (linked below under each service section) or contact the team using the telephone numbers provided.
Adults' community health services
Adults' weight management service (Fresh Start Extra)
Our tier 3 adults' weight management service in Halton (Fresh Start Extra) is for anyone age 18 and over living in Runcorn and Widnes or registered with a Halton GP, with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 and over. We also accept referrals for adults with a BMI between 35 and 40 if they also have other health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. 

We accept referrals from health professionals, as well as self-referrals from patients directly. Download our service referral form to refer a patient to our service. You can email the form to halton.dietitians@nhs.net or fax it to 0151 290 4334. 

Our service is run by qualified dietitians and dietetic assistants, who provide tailored diet and lifestyle advice to support clients to lose weight and improve their health and wellbeing. This includes:
  • Tailored healthy eating plans
  • Weight loss medication
  • Meal replacement plans
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Referrals for bariatric surgery
  • Support with managing other health conditions such as diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and high cholesterol
  • Support and advice for women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
You can call the service directly on 0151 290 4335.

Visit the service page for more information.

Adults' mental health services
Accident and Emergency Liaison Service
Our Accident and Emergency (A&E) Liaison Service team work within the A&E department at Warrington Hospital. They are here to support people who attend A&E with mental health problems. This may be because they are experiencing a mental health crisis or because they have self-harmed and need urgent medical attention.

The team also provides support, advice and training for hospital staff to enable them to better support patients who have mental health problems and they can signpost and refer patients onto other local services that can help meet their mental health needs.

As the team responds directly to the needs of patients attending A&E, you can't refer patients to service. You can contact the team on 01925 635 911.

Visit the service page for more information.

Assessment Team
Our Assessment Team provides specialist assessment, advice and signposting for adults with moderate to severe symptoms of mental illness such as severe depression and anxiety, as well as conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. 

All our assessment teams have recently begun to implement a robust telephone triage system, using NICE recommended clinical rating scales to ensure routine referrals are directed to the most appropriate service by our assessment teams, and to enable the teams to redirect those referrals not requiring a secondary mental health assessment or intervention.

The new triage system means patients who do need to be seen by secondary services can be offered a face-to-face assessment appointment more quickly and patients requiring lower level interventions and assessments can be signposted to the appropriate primary care and third sector services in a timelier manner too.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you need to make a referral to Halton Assessment Team for a patient who has moderate to severe mental health problems, you can contact the team directly for advice on 0151 4226 804.

Visit the service page for more information.

Adults' ADHD Service
Our Adults' ADHD Service provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment for adults with symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). We can also signpost you onto other mental health services if you need any extra support.

If your patient is experiencing problems that you suspect may be related to ADHD, you can make a referral to our service for an assessment and screening appointment. Please be aware that due to high demand for the service, there may be a wait for their initial appointment.

You can contact the team directly for advice on 01925 664 180.

Visit the service page for more information.

Early Intervention in Psychosis Service
Our Early Intervention in Psychosis Service supports people age 14 to 65 who are experiencing first episode of psychosis.

Signs and symptoms that your patient may be experiencing psychosis include: feeling like people are watching you; seeing or hearing things that others cannot; unusual beliefs; unusual manner or thinking or speech; and ideas of reference.

If you are concerned about one or more of the above symptoms, refer your patient to the Early Intervention in Psychosis Service for assessment. If there is an immediate risk out of hours (after 5pm Monday to Friday, weekends and bank holidays), please refer the patient to Halton Assessment Team.

You can contact the team directly for advice on 0151 422 6826.

Visit the service page for more information.

Home Treatment Team
Our Home Treatment Team provides intensive community-based support for adults with severe and complex mental health problems to prevent the need for admission to hospital. 

Referrals to the Home Treatment Team must be made by one of our community mental health teams and should be directed to the Assessment Team in the first instance, rather than to the Home Treatment Team.

You can contact the team for advice on 01925 664 811.

Visit the service page for more information.

Adults' inpatient Services
We provide mental health inpatient services for adults in Halton, based at the Brooker Centre at Halton Hospital. Our male inpatient ward is called Bridge Ward and our female inpatient ward is called Weaver Ward.

If you feel your patient requires inpatient mental health support, please make a referral to our Assessment Team in the first instance, who will be able to assess the individual and if appropriate, make a referral for them to our inpatient services.

You can contact Bridge Ward on 01928 753 901 and Weaver Ward on 01928 753 852.

Visit the service page for more information.

Think Wellbeing (formerly Halton Primary Care Psychology Service (IAPT))
Our Halton Think Wellbeing Service provides psychological therapy services such as cognitive behavioural therapy for people with mild to moderate symptoms of common mental health problems like stress, anxiety, panic disorder and depression. Our aim is to help people change the way they feel by changing the way they think.

We accept both self-referrals and GP / health professional referrals to Think Wellbeing. Your patient can refer themself by completing our simple online self-referral form on the Halton Think Wellbeing page on our website.

Service users will receive an initial assessment appointment with a member of our team and will then be offered a choice of online therapy through SilverCloud (an online package using NICE-approved techniques) or attending a six-week wellbeing course in the local community. If your patient has completed online therapy or a wellbeing course and they don't feel they have recovered, they will then be offered one-to-one, high-intensity therapy. View our clinical pathway for more information.

You can contact the service directly on 0151 292 6954.

Visit the Think Wellbeing GP area for more information.

Recovery Team
Our Recovery Team provides community-based services for adults with long-term mental health problems in Halton. The service is goal-focused and supports people to live their lives well with their mental health condition.

Referrals to our Recovery Team should be directed to our Assessment Team in the first instance, who will be able to assess the individual and if appropriate, make a referral for them to our Recovery Team.

You can contact the service on 01928 753 968.

Visit the service page for more information.

Skin Camouflage Service
Our Skin Camouflage Service provides medical camouflage creams for people with self-harm scars and other conditions that cause skin marking or discolouration, to help improve confidence and mental wellbeing.

The best way to contact the Skin Camouflage Service is by email at skin.camouflage@nwbh.nhs.uk  

Visit the service page for more information.

Specialist Perinatal Service
Our Specialist Perinatal Service work with mothers and mothers to be who already have, or who develop moderate to severe mental health problems, from pregnancy up until their baby is 12 months old.

We work with women and their families who have significant difficulties and distress associated with perinatal mental health. We can offer pre-conceptual counselling to women, who may be on prescribed medication regimes who wish to become pregnant. We also offer assessment and intervention for mental health concerns which could include psychosis, depression, anxiety and intrusive thoughts linked to pregnancy. 

View our eligibility criteria to find out if our service can support your patient.

Women can be referred to our team by any healthcare professional. Professionals can contact the team 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday for advice, and make a referral to the service via the local Mental Health Assessment Team

Please ensure that any referral made to the service is made with consent from the individual wherever they have the capacity provide this.
Visit the service page for more information. 

Children and young people's services
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
We provide tier 2 and 3 child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) for children and young people up to the age of 18 in Halton. We provide assessment, treatment and signposting for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

All referrals to our CAMHS services should be directed to our CAMHS Assessment and Response Team. Download the CAMHS referral form or call the team for more information on 01925 579 405.

Visit the service page for more information.
Children and Families Weight Management Service (Family Futures)
Family Futures is a free community-based programme in Halton for families with children aged four to 16 who are above their ideal weight. Our team offers a fun way to learn about how to achieve a healthier lifestyle for children and parents too. Download the referral form or contact the service directly for more information on 0151 290 4336.

Visit the service page for more information.

Children and Young People's Community Eating Disorder Service
Our Young People's Community Eating Disorder Service in Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington provides assessment, treatment and support for young people with eating disorders and their families. We deliver the service in partnership with St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and leading national eating disorder charity Beat.

Initial consultant-led multidisciplinary team (MDT) assessments will be held at Knowsley Resource and Recovery Centre at Whiston Hospital. Young people and families will then be able to attend their regular appointments with our team at a venue closer to home.

To meet the service referral criteria, patients must be 8 to 18-years-old and live in Runcorn or Widnes. You can use the SCOFF questionnaire screening tool to help determine whether your patient would benefit from a referral to the service. 

Referrals for patients with a suspected eating disorder should be directed via e-referral. We also accept self-referrals from service users and families via an electronic form on our website.

Visit the service page for more information or call the team on 0151 430 1321.

Later life and memory services
Care Home Liaison Team
Our Care Home Liaison Team support people living in residential care and nursing homes across Runcorn and Widnes who have mental health problems and memory problems like dementia. The team also provides training and advice to care home staff to enable them to better support their residents who have mental health and memory problems. 

To make a referral to the service or for advice and support, call the team on 01928 753 386.

Visit the service page for more information.
Memory inpatient services (Rydal Unit, Kingsley Ward and Golborne Unit)
We provide inpatient services for people age 65 and over who have memory problems such as dementia, who can no longer be supported in the community and require specialist inpatient support. Our three wards (Rydal, Kingsley and Golborne) have been specially designed to meet the needs of people with memory problems and are based in Knowsley, Warrington and Wigan. The wards are available for people living in Halton, Knowsley, St Helens, Warrington and Wigan. 

Visit the service page for more information.

Older People's Community Mental Health Team
We support people age 65 and over who have mental health problems and people of any age with a diagnosis of dementia. We can also provide assessment and diagnosis for people who are experiencing problems with their memory. You can contact the team directly on 01925 753 162. 

Visit the service page for more information.
Older people's inpatient services (Parsonage Unit)
Parsonage Unit at Atherleigh Park in Leigh supports people age 65 and over living in Warrington, Knowsley, St Helens, Warrington and Wigan who have mental health problems, in addition to physical health conditions or frailties that require a higher level of support. 

From time-to-time, we also look after people under the age of 65 who have mental health problems and higher levels of physical health needs, which would not be met as effectively by our adults' inpatient wards.

You can contact the ward directly on 01942 636 460 (between 9am and 5pm) or 01942 636 464 (between 5pm and 9am).

Visit the service page for more information.

Learning disability services
Our Learning Disability Community Team delivers a range of high quality, age appropriate, person centred services in community and inpatient settings that promote recovery, health and wellbeing. 

We support people age 18 and over to access physical and mental health services that best meet their needs. This includes appointments with specialist learning disability professionals for those who need them. 

We also offer a programme of training through the Learning Disability Training Alliance (LDTA) to increase skills and knowledge of other services to facilitate person centred reasonable adjustments. 

You can contact the service directly on 0151 495 5302

Visit the service page for more information.

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