Health Visiting Team - Knowsley

​Who we are
Our team of health visitors are specialist public health trained nurses who hold qualifications and skills in child health and development. We also prescribe treatments for common childhood ailments such as thrush, nappy rash and dry skin.

Our aim is to support and guide you through the early years of your parenting journey and help you develop a close and loving relationship with your child.

Who is our service for?
Pregnant women and families with children below school age in Knowsley.

ho do we work in partnership for?
We visit you at home and in community venues such as health centres and children's centres, and work closely together with your GP, midwife, hospitals, schools and voluntary services.

How to access our service
  • Health reviews – we offer your child a universal developmental health check at eight to 12 months and also at two to two and a half years
  • Growth and development – we monitor your child's progress and support you to help them learn and grow healthily
  • Parenting information – we give advice on all areas of parenting, including emotional support, and family health and wellbeing
  • Safety – we give advice to help keep your child safe, both inside and outside the home, including safe sleeping guidance and universal immunisations
  • Free nursery place – if you receive certain benefits, your child may also qualify for a free nursery place after he or she turns two and we will help you apply
  • Celebrations – your health visitor will support you in helping your child to reach their own unique potential
What will happen at your first apppointment
Before your baby is born you will be offered an antenatal visit by your health visitor.  This is usually between 28 to 34 weeks. This is a chance to meet and look at topics for a healthy pregnancy and caring for baby.

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Contact us
Contact your local team on the numbers below.

St Chad's Team
Tel: 0151 244 3066

Manor Farm Team
Tel: 0151 290 4990

North Huyton Team
Tel: 0151 480 4066

Whiston Team
Tel: 0151 426 0611

Halewood Team
Tel: 0151 486 4011