Health Visiting Service - St Helens

Who we are
Our friendly team of health visitors are specialist public health trained nurses who hold qualifications and skills in child health and development.

Our aim is to support and guide you through the early years of your parenting journey and help you develop a close and loving relationship with your child. 

We are also able prescribe treatments for common childhood ailments such as thrush, nappy rash and dry skin.

Who is our service for?
We work in the St Helens community, and offer support for pregnant women and families with children below school age.

We visit you at home and in community venues such as health centres and children’s centres, and work closely together with your GP, midwife, hospitals, schools and voluntary services.

What we do?
  • Health checks – we offer your child a universal developmental health check at 8 to 12 months and also at 2 to 2½ years
  • Growth and development – we monitor your child’s progress and support you to help them learn and grow healthily
  • Parenting information – we give advice on all areas of parenting, including emotional support, and family health and wellbeing
  • Safety – we give advice to help keep your child safe, both inside and outside the home, including safe sleeping guidance and universal immunisations
  • Free nursery place – if you receive certain benefits, your child may also qualify for a free nursery place after he or she turns two and we can help you apply
  • Celebrations – your health visitor will support you in helping your child to reach their own unique potential
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Contact us
Contact your local team on the numbers below:

Haydock 0-19 team                                 Woodside Healthcare Centre 
Woodside Road 
WA11 0NA
Tel: 01744 624 321

Moss Bank 0-19 team 
Moss Bank Childrens Centre
Kentmere Avenue
St Helens
WA11 7PQ
Tel: 01744 624 297 

Lowe House 0-19 team
Lowe House 
Crab Street
St Helens
WA10 2BE
Tel: 01744 624 999

Newton 0-19 team
Newton Hospital
Bradlegh Road
St Helens
Tel: 0151 290 4060

Ashtons Green 0-19 team
Ashtons Green Drive
St Helens
Tel: 01744 626 660

St Helens South 0-19 team
Station House
70/72 Thatto Heath Road
Thatto Heath
WA10 3QS
Tel: 01744 624 925