Trust Board meetings

Our Trust Board meetings are held in public every month except August and December.

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​Our Trust Board meetings are held in public in Lecture Room 3 of the Education Centre, Hollins Park Hospital, Winwick, WA2 8WA. All meetings begin at 9am.

Each meeting starts with a 15-minute open forum, during which members of the public are invited by our Chairman to ask questions relating to the work of our organisation. After that, contributions from members of the public are not permitted. 

Please note, there is no Trust Board meeting in August or December.
A copy of the agenda will be available in advance of the meeting and the Trust Board papers will be available on this page shortly after the meeting has taken place. 

2018/19 meeting dates
​Meeting date
Trust Board papers
​30 Apr 2018
Apr agenda
Apr papers
​29 May 2018
​May agenda 
May papers
​25 June 2018
June agenda 
June papers
​30 July 2018
July agenda
July papers
​24 Sept 2018
​Sept agenda
Sept papers
​29 Oct 2018
Oct agenda
Oct papers
​26 Nov 2018
​Nov agenda
​Nov papers
​28 Jan 2019 
​Jan agenda
​Jan papers
​25 Feb 2019
​Feb agenda
​Feb papers
​25 Mar 2019
​Mar agenda
​Mar papers

2017/18 meeting dates
Meeting date
Trust Board papers
24 Apr 2017
Apr agenda
​Apr papers
30 May 2017
May agenda 
May papers
​26 June 2017
​June agenda 
​June papers
​31 July 2017
July agenda
​July papers
​25 Sept 2018
Sept agenda
Sept papers
​30 Oct 2017
Oct agenda
Oct papers
​27 Nov 2017
​Nov agenda
Nov papers
​29 Jan 2018
​Jan agenda​
Jan papers
​26 Feb 2018
Feb agenda
Feb papers
​26 Mar 2018
Mar agenda
Mar papers

As part of the Trust's quality and performance cycle, a monthly Quality and Performance Report is produced to inform the Trust Board of things we are proud of and anything we are concerned about; in particular, whenever key performance measures have triggered pre-defined tolerances at Trust or borough level. These measures include national targets and locally-agreed priorities in addition to a number of internally-agreed targets to quality assure our services.
Detailed definitions of all the Trust's indicators and tolerances can be found in this document.

Papers for the last three years are available to view within the key documents section of this website. If you would like to view Trust Board papers dating back longer than this, please email: