Phlebotomy Service (blood tests) - St Helens

​Who we are
Our phlebotomy service takes blood samples from patients aged 16 and over who have been referred to the service by their healthcare professional for a blood test. 

The results from blood tests can be used to help:
  • Make a diagnosis of illness or infection (or rule something out)
  • Monitor treatment 
  • Monitor the health of someone with a long term health condition. 
Who is our service for?
The service is available for patients over the age 16 who are registered with a St Helens GP.

How to access our service
GPs and other healthcare professionals refer patients to the service when they need a blood test to be taken. 

We offer phlebotomy clinics Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) across St Helens:
Type of clinic
​Eccleston Medical Centre
​Appointment only - book via 01744 454 454
​9am - 10am
​Fingerpost Park Health Centre
​9am - 11.15am
​9am - 11.15am
​Lowe House Health Centre
​8am - 11am
​8am - 11am
​8am - 11am
​8am - 11am
​8am - 11am
​Billinge Medical Practice (Recreation Drive)
8.15am - 11am ​Appointment only - book via 01744 892 205
​9am - 10.45am​9am - 10.45am
​Rainford Clinic
​Drop-in​9am - 10.45am​9am - 10.45am​9am - 10.45am
​Garswood Clinic
​Drop-in​9am - 10.45am
​Orrell Surgery (Church St)
Appointment only - book via 01695 622 982
​9am - 10.30am

What will happen at my appointment?
Our phlebotomists are specially trained to ensure that your blood test is as quick and painless as possible. They will draw blood from your arm to collect samples of your blood to send to the laboratory for testing. 

After your blood sample has been taken, you will be given a pad to put pressure on the site of the injection to help stop the bleeding and minimise bruising. Some bruising may still occur. Most blood tests only take a few minutes to complete.

The results of your test will be sent to the healthcare professional who referred you for your blood test. 

Where else do we provide this service?
We also provide phlebotomy services in Knowsley and Sefton. 

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