Our purpose, values and goals

Find out about our overall purpose and goals, and the organisational values we hold.

Our purpose
At North West Boroughs Healthcare, our overall purpose is to take a lead in improving the wellbeing of our communities in order to make a positive difference throughout people's lives.

Our values
Our five values reflect the things that matter to us and are evidenced in the way we do things and how we behave:
  • We value people as individuals ensuring we are all treated with dignity and respect
  • We value quality and strive for excellence in everything we do
  • We value, encourage and recognise everyone’s contribution and feedback
  • We value open, two-way communication, to promote a listening and learning culture
  • We value and deliver on the commitments we make
Our culture of care
We are also passionate about delivering high quality care for our service users and carers, which aligns with NHS England's 6Cs of nursing – care, compassion, commitment, courage, communication and competence. In fact, we believe the 6Cs don't just apply to our nursing staff but to every member of staff working for our Trust.

Our goals
We have also set six strategic themes to align our high-level Trust objectives to and to help ensure our staff are all working towards the same shared goals:
  • We deliver our services safely
  • We have sufficient, highly-motivated and skilled staff
  • We deliver to our patients and service users
  • We are financially viable
  • We are delivering our strategy
  • Our stakeholders support what we do
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