Our recruitment process

Find out more about our recruitment process and what to expect from your interview.

If you've recently submitted an application for a job at North West Boroughs Healthcare, you might be wondering what happens next.

If your application for a post with us has been successful, you will be invited to attend an interview. Your interview confirmation will confirm who your interview is with, the venue and time of the interview and any other information relating to the selection process.
Values-based interviews
At North West Boroughs Healthcare, we are passionate about delivering high quality care for our service users and carers which aligns with NHS England's 6Cs of nursing – care, compassion, commitment, courage, communication and competence.

In fact, we believe the 6Cs don't just apply to our nursing staff but to every member of staff working for our Trust.

With this in mind, most of our interviews include values-based interview questions which link to both the 6Cs and our Trust values

The aim of this style of questions is to find out more about you as an individual and understand how you align with our values to find out if you're suitable for the role.

During a values-based interview, you will be asked to provide real life examples as part of your answers. Interviewers may also ask you supplementary questions to find out more about these examples.
Other selection methods
Depending on the type of role you've applied for, we sometimes use other methods to find out more about you and how you fit with our organisation and the role you're applying for.

These might include a presentation, a written exercise, a role-play or a short case study. For senior or specialist roles, we may also ask you to complete a psychometric test or take part in an assessment day.
Our recruitment events
We often hold recruitment events when we have a number of similar vacancies to recruit to. This is usually for nursing posts but sometimes we hold them for other professions. Our recruitment events will usually involve an interview with both values-based and role-specific questions, a short written exercise and, occasionally, a role-play.

You would need to apply for these posts in the usual way through our latest jobs page, where all our current vacancies are listed. All shortlisted candidates would then be invited to attend the recruitment event.

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