Cheshire and Mersey Specialist Perinatal Service - Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington

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Who we are
One in five women experiences mental health problems during pregnancy or in the first year after birth.

The Cheshire and Mersey Specialist Perinatal Service provides important mental health assessment and support for local women experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues during this time. 

Our friendly teams include psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses and occupational therapists. We aim to work with women and their families who have significant difficulties and distress associated with perinatal mental health by providing:
  • Preconception advice and counselling
  • Specialist mental health assessment and intervention for mental health concerns which could include psychosis, depression, anxiety and intrusive thoughts linked to pregnancy
  • Review by specialist consultant psychiatrist
  • Therapy sessions
  • Case management for complex cases
  • Liaison and joint work with other services and agencies
  • Advice for referrers and clients
  • Specialist training in perinatal mental health
Our specialist teams also able to provide consultation and advice to fellow healthcare professionals providing perinatal care. 

Working in partnership as part of a Cheshire and Merseyside-wide service, our team covers Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington. 

When accepted into the service, each woman will be allocated a practitioner who can act as a point of contact. 
Who is our service for?
Our service is for women and their families who have significant difficulties and distress associated with perinatal mental health.

Who do we work in partnership with? 
Our team works as part of a Cheshire and Merseyside wide service in partnership with Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

We work closely with other healthcare professionals including midwives, health visitors, social workers and early help workers. We also work with our colleagues in adult and child mental health services. 

How to access our service
You can be referred to our team by a healthcare professional such as your midwife, health visitor, GP or existing mental health team. 

Healthcare professionals can then contact the team for advice or make a referral to the service. 

What will happen at your first appointment?
The first appointment is the start of building a relationship with your healthcare professional. The appointment will either be in a woman’s home area or at her home. Children and family are welcome to the first appointment, however, we can also accommodate discussions alone if there are concerns or a preference. 

The first appointment will be an opportunity to talk about current problems, past difficulties and future worries. This is so we can try to understand how to offer appropriate support. It can be helpful to be prepared for this appointment - perhaps writing down concerns, bringing an up to date medication list and birth plan, if completed.  

We understand that that can be a stressful time and for some people talking about the past and future worries can be distressing. The appointment can be stopped at any time and continued at a later date if necessary. 

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​Contact us
Specialist Perinatal Service
Hollins Park Hospital
Hollins Lane

Tel: 01925 275 303

Available 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

For issues outside of these hours or for urgent support, please contact your GP, identified mental health teams or the assessment team. 

If there is an immediate emergency you should contact 999.