Speech and Language Therapy Service - Knowsley

​Who we are
We provide specialist assessment, advice and support for people who have problems with their speech and language. This includes problems with communication, swallowing, stammering and voice difficulties.
We work with patients to help manage and minimise the impact these difficulties can have on their day-to-day lives. 

We visit patients in their own homes and also deliver services from the following clinics within the community:

We also work with service users in the Trust's mental health inpatient wards in Knowsley.

What will happen at your first appointment?
One of our speech and language therapists will meet with you and talk to you about your medical and social history, and your current difficulties and how they are affecting you. We may need to carry out an assessment to help us work out how we can best meet your needs.

Who is our service for?
Our service is here to help people age 16 and over with speech and language problems. To access our service, you will need to have a Knowsley GP or be staying in one of our mental health inpatient wards in Knowsley. 

How to access our service
People with communication, voice and stammering problems, as well as people with eating, drinking and swallowing problems, can refer themselves to our service. We also accept referrals from family members and carers.

Alternatively, you can visit your GP who will be able to make a referral to our service for you.

Where else do we provide this service?
We also provide speech and language therapy services in St Helens.

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​Contact us
Speech and Language Therapy Service
Manor Farm PCRC
Manor Farm Road
L36 0UB
Tel: 0151 244 4387

Email: childhealthservices@nwbh.nhs.uk