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Find out more about our Think Wellbeing service in Halton, Knowsley and Wigan.

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Our Halton, Knowsley and Wigan Primary Care Psychology Services (IAPT) are making some changes to the support we provide for people with common mental health disorders like anxiety, stress, panic disorder and depression.

What changes are we making?
We will be changing our treatment model to help improve access to our service, reduce waiting times and increase recovery rates in line with national targets set out in the government’s Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.

Patients who are referred to our service will receive an extended assessment appointment with a member of our team. After this assessment, they will be offered either:
  • Online therapy through SilverCloud system, a digital package using NICE approved techniques
  • Six-week wellbeing course at a range of venues in the local community 
This new treatment model has been ratified by Halton, Knowsley and Wigan Clinical Commissioning Groups' (CCG) clinical leadership group and CCG boards. 

Why are we making the changes?
National targets set out in the government’s Five Year Forward View for Mental Health document state that primary care psychology services should reach 25% of the local population with common mental health disorders by 2020/21. 

In addition, therapy should start within six weeks of requesting treatment for 75% of referrals and 50% of clients should have fully recovered on completing treatment.

We are therefore making changes to the current model to meet these targets. These changes will improve efficiencies, reduce waiting times and increase recovery rates for people accessing the service.

How will the changes reduce service waiting times?
With a new course beginning every three weeks and online therapy available immediately, clients can begin accessing help much sooner and at their own convenience, reducing waiting times to a maximum of three weeks.

How will the changes increase recovery rates?
Local and national pilots for both SilverCloud and wellbeing courses have shown higher recovery rates than rates for face-to-face, one-to-one therapy, suggesting they are not only more efficient treatment options but are also more effective in supporting people to recover from common mental health disorders like anxiety, stress, panic and depression.

What if my patient needs face-to-face support?
If it is not clinically appropriate for your patient to access online therapy or a wellbeing course, for example if they have a learning disability, they will be offered face-to-face, one-to-one therapy. 

If your patient has completed online therapy or a wellbeing course and they don't feel they have recovered, they will then be offered one-to-one, high-intensity therapy. 

If you're not sure whether online or group therapy is suitable for your patient, please do not hesitate to contact your local team for advice. Just visit the service pages for Halton, Knowsley and Wigan, where you will find the contact details for each service.

How can I refer my patient to the service?
We accept referrals from GPs and self-referrals directly from patients. If your patient would prefer to self-refer, they can do this by visiting our service pages for HaltonKnowsley and Wigan, where they will find a simple online form to complete. 

Our Knowsley and Wigan services accept referrals from anyone age 16 and over and our Halton service accepts referral from anyone age 18 and over.

As with our previous service model, whether you refer your patient or they refer themself, you will be kept informed of their progress and you will be notified when they have been discharged from our service. 

What is the name of the service?
As part of the changes we are making, we are also changing the name of our service from Primary Care Psychology Service (IAPT) to Think Wellbeing to reflect our shift from a mental health treatment model to a wellbeing model. We have tested this name with our service users, who support the name change and agree it is more user friendly and meaningful than our existing name.  

How can I find out more about the service?
To request free service publicity materials for your practice or if you have any questions about the new service model, please do not hesitate to contact the service directly - just visit the service pages for HaltonKnowsley and Wigan, where you will find the contact details for each service.

We can also arrange for someone to attend one of your practice meetings to discuss the new model in more detail.

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