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**As of 1 April 2020, this service is now provided by St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital. The information from this page will soon be added to the St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital and removed from our website.**

Who we are
Our Treatment Room Service is delivered by nurses who provide care in a treatment rooms setting for:
  • Wound care
  • Removal of sutures (stitches), staples or clips
  • Injections
  • Ear syringing
  • Dopplar assessment 
Who is this service for?
This service is for patients who are registered with a St Helens GP. 

How to access our service
Patients can self-refer or through their GP practice and/or hospital via the booking office.

Where we provide this service
The treatment room nursing service is provided at:

Billinge Clinic
​8.45am – 4pm
8.45am – 4pm

​Fingerpost Park Health Centre
​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm
​Four Acre Health Centre
​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm
​Garswood Primary Care Centre

​1pm – 4pm
​Haydock Medical Centre
​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm​12.45pm – 4pm
​Lowe House Health Centre
​8.45am - 4pm​8.45am - 4pm​8.45am - 4pm​8.45am - 4pm​8.45am - 4pm
​Newton Clinic
1pm – 4pm​​8.30am – 4pm​8.45am -4pm​1pm – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm
​​Rainford Health Centre
​​Rainhill Clinic
​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm​8.45am – 4pm
​St Helens Walk-in Centre
8.15am – 3.30pm​8.15am –
​8.15am – 3.30pm​8.15am –
​8.15am –
​8.15am – 3.30pm8.15am – 3.30pm

Where else do we provide this service? 
We also provide this Treatment Room services in Knowsley. 

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Contact us
Treatment room call centre
Tel: 0800 9530960
Fax: 01744 457 304