Greater Manchester

Health and care organisations are working together across Greater Manchester to improve care and services.

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In Greater Manchester, we are part of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

The partnership is made up of the area's local NHS organisations and councils, as well as people from NHS England and NHS Improvement, emergency services, the voluntary sector, Healthwatch groups and others, including the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

The focus of the partnership is on finding what works on a local level and responding to what people need across all 10 boroughs. Collective experience and know-how is being used to improve the way public health money is spent and big decisions are being made together, locally.
The partnership was created to oversee the changes being made following the devolution agreement which saw Greater Manchester take control of £6 billion of public funding for the area's health and social care in April 2016.
This devolution involves the transfer of certain powers and responsibilities from national government to the NHS and local authorities in Greater Manchester. Putting power into the hands of local decision-makers means they can better meet the needs of the 2.8 million people who live and work in the 10 boroughs which make up Greater Manchester.
To help achieve this, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership has produced a series of plans, which we have contributed to.
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