Access to records

You have a right to access information held about you. Find out how to access your records below.

You have a right to access all information held about you by our Trust, including both paper and electronic records.
The Data Protection legislation allows individuals to view or obtain a copy of the personal information held about them. To access your personal records, a request can be made in writing or verbally. This is known as a subject access request.

The Access to Health Records Act 1990 allows restricted access to care records of people who have died.
Informal access to your records
Our patients and staff can see the information recorded about them during or at the end of their treatment or upon them leaving the Trust.

This type of request does not need to be made in writing and can be arranged informally with a member or staff if it is a patient seeking access to their records, or between the member of staff and their line manager if it is a staff member.

Formal access to your records
If an individual requests hard copies such as photocopies and print-outs or an electronic copy of their records, then the request will be forwarded to our Information Governance Team who will follow the access to records process. The statutory timescale for processing an access to records request is 40 calendar days.

To request copies of personal records held by the Trust, please submit a valid request in one of the following ways.

By post, in writing to:
Access to Records
Information Governance Team
North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Hollins Park House
Hollins Lane
By email to:

By phone to:
01925 664 844 (answer phone available) or 01925 664 022

By using our web form:
Visit the 'contact us' section to submit your request electronically via our website. Please note that sending information via the internet is not a secure means of communication and the sender uses this form at their own risk.