Acquired Brain Injury Service - Wigan

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Who we are
Our Acquired Brain Injury Service provides specialist assessment, advice, consultation, rehabilitation and therapy for people with an acquired brain injury. 

Following an acquired brain injury, we can:
  • help you develop strategies for coping with cognitive difficulties relating to your acquired brain injury
  • offer psychological therapy suited to your needs 
  • recommend equipment that could support you
  • recommend and refer you to groups to help you understand and manage difficulties that can be associated with having an acquired brain injury 
  • recommend and refer you to other appropriate services for professional support to support you with your specific difficulties 
  • assess and treat mood disorders arising in association with an acquired brain injury 
Occasionally when someone has had a severe acquired brain injury, they may behave in ways that pose risks to themselves or others and they may not have any awareness of these risks. When this happens, we can offer assessment to assess their level of understanding/ability to make decisions.  

Who is our service for?
Our service is for people living in Wigan and Leigh who have an acquired brain injury. 

Who do we work in partnership with? 
We work closely with services such as the Community Neurorehabilitation Team, Neurology Services, the Neurological Rehabilitation Unit and Headway.

How to access our service
If you have an acquired brain injury, you can be referred to the service for assessment by your GP, Neurologist or other healthcare professional. 

What will happen at your first appointment?
At your first appointment with one of our team who will ask you about your current situation, any difficulties you are having and about when and how these difficulties began. We will also talk about how the service may be able to support you and whether a neuropsychological assessment may be appropriate. 

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Acquired Brain Injury Service
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