Building Attachment and Bonds Service (BABS) - Knowsley

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Who we are
Our national award winning service supports parents to build secure attachments and loving bonds with their babies, whilst breaking negative life cycles.
We provide easy to access community based therapeutic interventions and support, for pregnant women, new parents and their partners, who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing and/or adjusting to their new born baby.   
By offering attachment-based therapeutic support in the antenatal/postnatal period, we are able to help parents 'separate out' all of the difficulties that get in the way and impact on the parent-infant bond and relationship.
We are a friendly team of clinical psychologists, midwives and volunteers who are passionate and committed to supporting parents and infants in the Knowsley community.
We aim to support parents to manage their mental health, emotional wellbeing and build happy, secure and loving relationships with their babies. Sessions are offered to families either in the family home or 
Knowsley Children’s Centre.

Who is our service for?
Our service is for parents and carers in Knowsley who are pregnant or have a new born baby aged 0-3 months, who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing and/or struggling in their relationship with their baby. 

Who do we work in partnership with?
We work in partnership with Liverpool Women’s Hospital and St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital. We work closely with other health colleagues and care professionals to ensure families in Knowsley are fully supported. 

How to access our service
You can be referred to the service via your midwife, health visitor or GP. Most referrals are made via public health midwives. 

What the parents we work with have to say

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Contact us
Building Attachment and Bonds Service
Knowsley Resource and Recovery Centre
Whiston Hospital
Warrington Road
L35 5DR
Tel: 0151 430 1757

Kirkby Children's Centre
(Tuesdays only)
The Pride Centre
2 Simonswood Lane
L33 5YP

Tel: 0151 443 3257

Hilltop Children's Centre 
(Wednesdays and Thursdays only)
Mosscroft Primary School
Bedford Close
L36 1XH

Tel: 0151 443 5301