Chaplaincy service

Our chaplaincy service provides a safe and secure environment to share your thoughts and experiences.

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How can the chaplaincy service help?
Our chaplaincy service provides a safe and secure environment where you can share your thoughts and experiences without worry about being judged or criticised. We are here to listen, whether you're religious or not.

We can also give you access to:
  • A chaplain
  • A quiet place for contemplation or prayer
  • A wide range of spiritual and religious materials and books
Some people say that meeting their spiritual needs has given them:
  • Better self-control, self-esteem and confidence
  • Faster and easier recovery
  • Better relationships
  • A new sense of meaning and peace of mind

Holistic care
Holistic care means caring for the whole person, rather than just treating their condition, and your care assessment should cover all of your needs as an individual.

You may be asked if you are a spiritual person and questions to find out what keeps you going during difficult times. Staff may also ask questions to find out your knowledge and strengths, and how these can be encouraged, as well as the support you can rely on, such as from your faith community
Some people say that exploring spiritual issues can be therapeutic in itself. To be holistic, your care assessment may involve a conversation about what your life is all about and if there's anything that gives you a sense of meaning or purpose. This may look at:

The past
Emotional stress may be caused by a loss, or the threat of loss. Have you had any major losses or bereavements? How has this affected you and how have you coped?

The present
Do you feel that you belong and that you are valued? Do you feel safe and respected? Are you and other people able to communicate clearly and freely? Do you feel that there's a spiritual aspect to your current problem? Would it help to involve a chaplain, or someone from your faith community? What do the staff working with you need to understand about your religious beliefs?

The future
What do the next few weeks hold for you? What about the next few months or even years? Are you worried about death and dying, or about the possibility of an afterlife? What are your main fears about the future? Do you feel the need for forgiveness about anything? What gives you hope?

Ways forward
What kind of support would help you? How could you get it? Have you thought about self-help?

Our chaplaincy service is here for everyone, from people who are deeply religious to people who don't have any religious beliefs at all, and everything in between. Whether you are a patient, relative, carer, or a member of staff – we are here for you.

Our prayer rooms and chapels are always open for a quiet space or prayer. Times of organised worship are displayed on the notice boards outside the prayer rooms and chapels. 

How to contact our chaplain
You can contact our chaplain by calling our Trust switchboard on 01925 664 000 at any time of day. Our chaplain works part time but will visit the wards whenever possible. If our chaplain isn't available when you call, they will get back to you as soon as possible, although it may not always be on the same day.

Patients and carers can also ask a member of staff to contact the chaplain or a member of the chaplaincy team for them.