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Chronic pain is pain which has persisted for more than three months (or more than the time required for normal tissue healing). In some cases, chronic pain can last for many years and it is a surprisingly common problem.

Some studies suggest as many as one in seven people in the UK have some form of chronic pain condition. Sometimes treatments are able to ease the pain, but very often complete pain relief is not possible.

Chronic pain can affect all aspects of life including activity levels, mood, work/study, and relationships. We know that chronic pain can present many challenges. Living well with pain involves finding ways to face these challenges so that your mood, coping and quality of life improves even if your pain is still there. 

On the pages below, you will find information and advice that can help you manage your chronic pain.
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    How can we help you?
    We deliver Chronic Pain Management Services in St Helens and Wigan to support people living with long-term pain.