Recommended resources

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​Recommended resources

We recommend watching the videos below:

Pain toolkit
The pain toolkit has general tips on living with long term pain -

The British Pain Society
The British Pain society aims to promote education, training, research and development in all fields of pain.  The website includes information about different treatments offered for pain:
Recommended reading
If you prefer print books the following may be helpful:
  • Manage Your Pain: Practical and positive ways of adapting to chronic pain by Dr Michael Nicholas, Dr Allan Molloy, Lois Tonkin and Lee Beeston.
  • Overcoming Chronic Pain: A self help guide to using cognitive behavioural techniques by Frances Cole, Helen Macdonald, Catherine Carus & Hazel Howden-Leach.
  • Pain is Really Strange by Steve Haines
Books on prescription scheme
Alternatively, the books on prescription scheme brings together recommended self-help books for a variety of medical conditions. All recommended books have been reviewed by healthcare professionals and are of consistent with current advice. Your local library can usually loan you these books.