Equality objectives 2017- 2020

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​The Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) was created under the Equality Act 2010.

The PSED has specific duties that help public organisations to meet the general duty. They require that public bodies set and publish specific and measurable equality objectives.  

The Trust equality objectives 2017- 2020 are:

Improve and make more effective use of staff and patient information
  • Increase data collection across protected characteristics providing staff with learning and development to support understanding and implementation of this
  • Include disaggregation and cross analysis as part of scheduled reporting
  • Formalise quarterly report mechanisms with a clear route for reporting, planning and monitoring.
  • Agree a position regarding trans monitoring

Review and institute clear EDI accountability and governance frameworks that support mainstreaming
  • Develop formal EA procedures for activities including business planning, service development and CIPs
  • Agree a reviewed EDI governance framework with recognised approval committee(s) for EDI addressing workforce, service delivery, inclusion and wider stakeholder engagement. 
Improve the diversity of involvement
  • Enhance information collection and analysis (disaggregation and cross analysis)
  • Target action where gaps are identified
  • Safeguard and share best practice
EDS 2 outcomes to inform Trust plans and developments
  • Actions from EDS2 outcomes to be integrated into mainstream plans and monitored by existing committees
  • Identify and work with links between EDS2 and Trust Strategic Objectives, integrating this into established positive ways of working or making changes as required.
An action plan to support achievement of these objectives has been devised.

For further information please contact the Equality Diversity and Inclusion team on 01925 664000.

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