General advice for desk based roles

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​On this page, you’ll find general advice and tips to help you manage muscle and joint pain and stay well at work.
There’s no such thing as perfect posture 
Posture refers to the position that someone holds their muscles and joints in when sitting or standing. Spending a long time in one positon isn’t good for our muscles and joints. 

There is no such thing as ‘perfect posture’ and it is normal for us all to have variations in our posture. Therefore, we recommend regularly changing your posture to reduce the risk of developing muscle and joint pain. 

Take regular breaks 
The best advice that we can offer for someone who has a desk-based job is to make sure you are taking regular breaks from your desk.  

We recommend that you take short breaks regularly. For example, five to 10 minutes every hour is better than 20 minutes every two hours. 

Try and resist the temptation to eat your lunch at your desk and move to a different environment or try and incorporate a short lunch time walk. 

For most jobs it is possible to stop desk-based work to change tasks, therefore try and plan your day so you can alternate the tasks you are doing. 

Be active during your day
As well as taking regular breaks, you could also try some simple desk based exercises

If you do sit at a desk for a long period during your day it is very important to ensure you are staying active. For example, a lunchtime walk has lots of health benefits and is a good idea to increase your activity at work. 

Find out more about why staying active is so important on our healthy lifestyle advice page

If you sit at a desk regularly as part of your job, it is worth checking with your employer what your local policy is. You may be asked to complete a local workstation risk assessment to ensure that your desk is set up well. 

You can also follow our advice on our workstation assessment pages as a guide to ensuring your desk is set up well.