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From your baby's birth, health reviews help to make sure that your baby is growing well and is healthy.

Birth visit
Your health visitor will visit you at home between 10 to14 days after your baby's birth. They will support you with becoming new parents and give you advice on keeping your baby safe and healthy, including support with feeding your baby.

Six to eight weeks
Your Health Visitor will contact you to arrange a visit to review both yours and your baby's health and wellbeing.
Your baby will  also have a complete physical health review at six to eight weeks. This will be arranged by your GP. He or she will check your baby's eyes, heart, hips, and (for boys) testicles.

You will also receive information about any immunisations that your child needs.

At this time, new mums should also have a post-natal check up with their GP to review your emotional wellbeing since the birth.

Two to 12 months
Extra support is available from your Health Visitor for any concerns you may have. Weekly baby clubs are also available across Knowsley, where you can drop in for advice and support.

12 month review
As part of the National Healthy Child Programme, your child will have a full health review by the time they are 12 months old, and again between the age of two and two and a half. This is usually done by your Health Visitor, and may take place at your home, at a clinic or at one of the local children's centres. Contact your Health Visiting Team to find out more or to book a health review for your child.

We understand that you will know your child best, so we will send you a questionnaire for you to fill in before the health review and your Health Visitor will look over this with you at the review.

The health review will look at a number of different areas of your child's development:
  • General development – movement, speech, social skills, hearing and vision
  • Growth, healthy eating and keeping active
  • Behaviour, including sleeping
  • Dental health
  • Safety
  • Immunisations your child needs
At the review, you will also have the chance to talk about any worries you may have and get advice and support.

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