Health Visiting Service - St Helens

Who we are
Our friendly team of health visitors are specialist public health trained nurses who hold qualifications and skills in child health and development.

Our aim is to support and guide you through the early years of your parenting journey and help you develop a close and loving relationship with your child. 

We are also able prescribe treatments for common childhood ailments such as thrush, nappy rash and dry skin.

Who our service is for
We work in the St Helens community, and offer support for pregnant women and families with children below school age.

We visit you at home and in community venues such as health centres and children’s centres, and work closely together with your GP, midwife, hospitals, schools and voluntary services.

What you can talk to your health visitor about
Health visitors are keen to hear your thoughts, feelings and experiences about being a parent – you can talk through any worries you may have. You can talk to your health visitor about any issues which are on your mind, for example lots of parents seek support around:
  • Infant feeding and introducing family foods
  • Understanding your baby's behaviour and how they are developing
  • Adjusting to becoming a parent
  • Family life and difficulties such as postnatal depression
  • Healthy choices such as lifestyle, eating or immunisations
  • Home safety, housing problems, domestic abuse or child abuse
We work with other professionals and practitioners to ensure you get additional expert help if you need it. We will also show you how you can take full advantage of the range of resources that are available to you locally so you can gain support within your own community. We also work closely with local Children's Centres to promote family activities which help build a strong bond with your child. Children's Centres offer a range of services, advice and support for parents and carers.

Service hours

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding public bank holidays).

What to do out of hours?
If child is unwell please contact your GP or NHS Direct 111. In an emergency situation please dial 999.

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Contact us
Contact your local team directly, on the details below:

North 0-19 team
Kentmere Avenue
Carr Mill
St Helens
WA11 7PQ
Tel: 01744 624 313

South 0-19 team
Station House
Thatto Heath Road
WA10 3QS
Tel: 01744 624 925

Woodside Healthcare Centre 0 -19 team
Woodside Road
St Helens
WA11 0NA
Tel: 01744 624 321

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