Healthy Teeth Programme

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Who we are   
The Healthy Teeth programme has been established in Knowsley to help promote good oral health in children, as part of their overall health.
Tooth decay is the most common oral disease affecting children in England and about 90% of it is preventable. The most common reason for children's hospital admissions in 2016 was tooth decay.
In 2015 , the most recent public health dental survey showed 33.4 % of 5 year olds in Knowsley had decayed, missing or filled teeth and a quarter of 5 years olds have decay in 3 or 4 teeth, both above the UK average.

Who is our service for?          
Throughout 2018 and 2019 children attending school nurseries, private nurseries and Special Educational needs schools in Knowsley will be offered the chance to take part in a daily supervised toothbrushing programme.
Staff in settings signed up to the programme will supervise children brushing their teeth for two minutes per day with a family fluoride toothpaste and will adhere to strict guidance and standards around infection control procedures.

Who do we work in partnership with?
Knowsley Private, voluntary and Independent Nurseries, School nurseries, Special Educational Needs Schools, Looked after children's team, staff working with children in care.

What support will settings get?          
Settings signed up to the programme will be provided with toothpaste and toothbrushes to get started and will be encouraged to sustain the initiative independently beyond 2019. 

School and nursery staff will be trained to run a supervised toothbrushing programme in their classrooms and shown appropriate tooth brushing techniques for young children. Children will then brush their teeth once a day at school or nursery.

In addition Free Oral Health Training will also be available for staff who work in nursing and residential care homes. 

How to access our service    
Via the Oral Health Coordinator, Victoria Cheung.

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​Contact Us 

All enquiries should go through our Oral Health Coordinator, Victoria Cheung.

Tel: 0151 244 4383