Helen Bellairs


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Helen Bellairs, Chairman imageHelen joined the Trust in 2013 as a non-executive director and was appointed as Trust Chairman in May 2017. 

Helen has had an extensive career at the highest level in the NHS and established H&H Bellairs Consulting Ltd in July 2011. Helen is a former clinician and chief executive of a primary care trust, where she led community services. Helen’s senior management career spans more than 25 years, with 17 years at executive board level. Her skills, although gained in executive and consultant roles, are directly transferable to a non–executive role, enabling her to offer the right input to a board and carry out the role of Chairman at our Trust.

Previously Helen worked as an independent management consultant to acute and community health service providers and commissioners. Helen has also led projects to assess the impact of major service change, improve service delivery and develop models of clinical engagement.

Helen’s experience puts her in an excellent position in her role as Chairman of our Trust Board, as we develop and deliver major clinical strategies to improve the quality of care. Helen has a highly developed political awareness and has extensive experience of drafting major reports and documents for public and internal consumption. Helen also has experience of engaging with clinical commissioners to ensure that Trust strategies are coherent with commissioning intentions and are sustainable for the future.

Contact Helen
Email: helen.bellairs@nwbh.nhs.uk
Tel: 01925 664 009


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