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Who we are
The Immunisations Team exists to ensure the safe and effective delivery of vaccines for children in Sefton and to maintain standards of clinical excellence. There are a variety of vaccinations that need to be given at specific points during childhood, in order to protect against disease in later life.

You can find out which immunisations your child needs, by visiting NHS Choices

Who is our service for?
We provide immunisations for school aged children. Some need to be given more than once to make sure your child is fully protected – the later injections are called boosters.

Immunisations – also called vaccinations – stop your child from catching serious diseases. Most are given by injection (jabs), and protect your child for life.

The World Health Organisation says the two things to have had the biggest positive effect on world health are clean water and immunisations. Making sure your child gets all his or her immunisations is one of the best things you can do for their health.

Who do we work in partnership with?
The team works closely with school nurses, education departments, GPs, social care and voluntary services.

How to access our service
Once your child starts school, you will be sent information and a form to sign before they have any immunisations.

Immunisations consent forms

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