Find out about our corporate induction.

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​Your first day with us will be spent attending our corporate induction.
Our Trust induction has been designed to welcome new starters, to provide an introduction to our culture and values and to help prepare you for your role before you formally join your team.
When you receive your formal offer letter confirming your start date and terms and conditions of employment, you will also receive a personalised induction plan.
Depending on the role, you may also need to complete specialist training.
If you are joining our team from another NHS trust, you will be asked to provide evidence of the mandatory training you have completed. This is so you don't have to repeat training you have already done when you join us.
All staff between bands 1 and 4 who work in a clinical role will need to complete a Care Certificate as part of the induction if it has not already been completed with a previous employer.
All staff working on inpatient units will need to complete a Restrictive Physical Interventions Course. You will be booked on to this as part of your induction and will receive confirmation including dates, time and venue.
Following Trust induction, you will complete a local induction to help familiarise you with your work environment, meet new team members and gain awareness of policies and procedures relevant to your role.
During induction, we will ask you about your recruitment journey while it is still fresh in your mind. We welcome your honest feedback to help us make any improvements in future.

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