Intensive Support Service - Knowsley

Who we are
Our Intensive Support Service helps to improve the health and quality of life of people with long term health conditions and reduce the number of times they have to make emergency visits to hospital. 

Our service is delivered by community matrons and advanced clinicians who are nurses and allied health professionals. Our team is available from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. If you need support outside of these hours, you can contact our District Nursing Service.

Who is our service for?
We deliver a range of services to patients in their own homes, promoting quicker recovery from an episode of illness to help people maintain their health and wellbeing and their independence at home. 

For all new patients, to access our service you will need to have one of the following:
  • A diagnosis of a long term condition, such as heart disease, respiratory (breathing) problems or diabetes
  • Complex health and social care or palliative care needs
What will happen at your first appointment?
At your first appointment, a member of our team will visit you at home and carry out an assessment to look at your needs and how we can support you. Our staff work with patients and carers to: 
  • Help you to manage your own conditions so you can stay independent in your own home
  • Prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital and help reduce the length of any stays in hospital
  • Improve your quality of life and your ability to function and carry out daily tasks
  • Monitor and review your care plan to make sure it's meeting your needs

How to access our service
Our service accepts referrals from patients with complex health and social care needs who are registered with a Knowsley GP. You will need to be referred to us by another health professional, such as your GP or district nurse.

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Contact us
The service is delivered across Knowsley, which is split into three areas.

North Team
Tel: 0151 244 4013

Central Team
Tel: 0151 244 4560

South Team
Tel: 0151 676 5427