Intermediate Care Team - St Helens

Who we are
Our Intermediate Care Team is a community based team of experienced nurses, therapists, social workers and local authority intermediate care support workers. 

We work closely with patients and other health and social care professionals to deliver intensive and focused recovery to:  
  • Support people to recover faster from illness
  • Help people to remain at home and be as independent as possible
  • Prevent unnecessary admission to hospital
  • Support timely discharge from hospital
  • Support proactive care and self-management
The team have extensive knowledge and skills to provide specialist advice eg chronic disease management health promotion and rehabilitation for clients who may have had an injury or a relapse in their abilities to be independent.

Who can access the service?
Our service is available for anyone who is: 
  • Aged 18 or over
  • A resident of St Helens or have a St Helens GP
  • Medically stable and/or predictable
  • Able to benefit within a six week period
  • Willing and able to participate in a programme of activities
  • Able to understand and follow simple instructions

Accessing the service
You can be referred to the service by a health and social care professional. 

Relative/self-referrals can also be made by calling 01744 674 422. Please be aware that further information will be obtained as to suitability from your GP.

Examples of referrals include adults who:
  1. Lack confidence following a fall or poor mobility who would benefit from a health screen and health promotion eg someone with a poor diet or who is not managing their medication
  2. Who needs guidance on how to manage a long term condition eg Diabetes or COPD.
  3. Who needs to learn easier ways to manager own personal care (washing, dressing and toileting)
  4. Learn how to undertake daily living activities (cooking)
  5. Would like to socialise and join community groups (Age Concern etc.)
Once a referral has been received and screened as appropriate, a member of the team will visit and discuss with the client what they would like to achieve to become more independent.  An agreed programme of activities will be set in place and partnership working will continue.

The process of assessment is ongoing and may involve several visits from various members of the team.

Where is the service offered?
The service can be provided in the client’s own home or in the Brookfield Unit depending on the initial assessment of need.

Hospital inpatients will be referred directly to the service or directly transferred to Brookfield Intermediate care.

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Contact details
Intermediate Care Team 

Tel: 01744 621724/5
Textphone number: 18001 01744 621724/5

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm