Independent investigations

NHS England commissions independent investigations into homicides committed by mental health service users.

 Content Editor

NHS England is responsible for commissioning independent investigations into the care and treatment of NHS mental health service users where there has been a homicide committed by the patient.

The purpose of an independent investigation is to review thoroughly the care and treatment received by the patient so that the NHS can:
  • Be clear about what – if anything – went wrong with their care 
  • Minimise the possibility of a reoccurrence of similar events
  • Make recommendations for the delivery of health services in the future

An independent investigation is carried out separately from any police, legal and coroner’s proceedings. It is done by an independent, expert organisation, which is given access to all the information and reports about the individual’s care and treatment (within the usual patient confidentiality rules).

In the interest of openness and transparency, we will be publishing the details of any independent investigations relating to service users of Trust which were published by NHS England within the last two years. You can view these below.

Investigation into the care and treatment of patient P 
NHS England commissioned an independent investigation into the care and treatment of patient P, who murdered a family member in December 2014. 

At this time and prior to the incident, patient P had been under the care of mental health services provided by our Trust and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust.

We have produced an action plan in response to the recommendations made within the report.