Jane's story
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​Workplace modifications in practice 

Through Jane's story, we share how workplace modifications can support someone to remain well in work. 

Jane's story
Jane is a 32-year-old forklift truck driver. Jane's photo.jpg

Recently, Jane has been experiencing pain in the right side of her neck when looking over her right shoulder to reverse her forklift truck - something she does frequently throughout her working day. Jane normally works three, 12-hour shifts per week, with a break every four hours during her shift.

Jane waited a couple of weeks thinking things may settle down, but if anything she felt it was getting worse. Jane went to her line manager to discuss her problem, they agreed that she would change her working pattern to five seven-hour shifts and take breaks every hour for the next four weeks. Jane's line manager also advised her to see her GP and discuss a referral to her local physiotherapy service.

As a result of these workplace modifications, Jane was able to return to her normal working hours and now has a better idea of what she can do herself to manage any similar issues in the future.
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