Joe's case study
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Joe's case study

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The importance of workstation set up
Through Joe's story we share the importance of setting up your workstation assessment well and making sure that you stay as active as possible whilst at work.

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Joe is a clerical worker and spends the majority of his working day at his desk. He travels to different bases and usually ends up hot desking in communal offices or working from his laptop if he can't find a spare computer. 

His busy schedule means he quite often eats lunch at his desk and rarely takes breaks.

Joe noticed he had started to get neck and upper back pain. Initially, it started coming on towards the end of the working day and would always resolve by the next day. 

Joe thought it would just get better by itself, however if anything his symptoms got worse and began to last for much longer periods.

Joe referred himself to his local musculoskeletal physiotherapy service and also found some useful resources on the service's website.

He realised how long during the day he was sitting for and how this might be influencing his pain. He started to make sure he was getting up from his desk to take regular breaks, and at least a couple of times a week had a lunchtime walk. He followed the guidelines from the website for setting up his workstation and did this each time he moved desk.

Joe also spoke to his manager about using his laptop for long periods and his manager was able to order him a docking station and keyboard, which he could use when he needed to use his laptop for long periods.

By following the advice and making the relevant changes Joe found that he was much more able to self-manage his symptoms and felt much happier with his working environment. 
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