Learning Disability Inpatient Services - Byron Ward

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Who we are
Byron Ward provides inpatient mental health services for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems. It is based at Hollins Park Hospital in Warrington

Our specialist team is experienced in working with adults who have learning disabilities to ensure all areas of their health needs are met by our service.  

Who is our service for?
Our service is for adults with learning disabilities who require inpatient support. This often includes people who have been formally detained under the Mental Health Act. 

How to access our service
As Byron Ward is a specialist service, you can't self-refer to the ward. If you are concerned about your mental health or the mental health of someone you know who has a learning disability, visit your GP for advice. 

What will happen when you first come to Byron Ward?
When you arrive on the ward you will be welcomed by the staff on duty and you will assessed by a doctor. You will be shown around the ward and your bedroom, introduced to other patients and helped to settle in. 

As soon as possible, you will be seen by our consultant psychiatrist (doctor), who will be involved in your care while you stay on Byron Ward. You will also be given a named nurse who will coordinate your care on the ward.

You will be given an information pack about the ward, with advice about how to raise any concerns you may have while you're staying with us.

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Contact us
Byron Ward 
Hollins Park Hospital 
Hollins Lane 
WA2 8WA 

Tel: 01925 664 146