Let's Check - Warrington

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​The ‘Let’s Check’ initiative aims to promote positive health and wellbeing in people with learning disabilities.

The initiative was established by our Warrington Learning Disability Community Nursing Team. ‘Let’s Check’ aims to support individuals with a learning disability to access the health checks, appointments and treatment they need enjoy positive health and wellbeing. 

‘Let’s Check’ is centred around the Health File – a bespoke, patient-owned folder which is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. The Health File is an easy-to-use, structured way for health professionals to record and check vital information, which service users take with them each time they access their local health services. 

Each Health File is owned by the individual, and is monitored by the Warrington Learning Disability Community Nursing Team. It contains a number of sections, including:
  • A health checklist
  • A learning disabilities health passport 
  • An up-to-date medication sheet 
  • A health practitioner’s treatment plan
  • A healthy eating and keeping active plan
  • A short-term health action plan
  • Communication guidelines
  • Dysphagia guidelines for people who have swallowing problems
  • A wellness recovery plan
  • Consent to treatment
If you have any questions about Let’s Check or your Health File, contact us via email at lets.check@nwbh.nhs.uk or on 01744 457 278.