Medical revalidation

Our Trust is proud to support our doctors in their annual appraisals and revalidation.

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Our Trust is proud to support our doctors in their annual appraisals and revalidation. Our doctors find this to be a supportive, developmental opportunity. We have very high levels of engagement from all our doctors. This is important as it helps to deliver safe and high quality patient care. It also ensures a highly motivated and engaged medical workforce. We are keen to have our patients and our other stakeholders support us in the appraisal and revalidation process. 
What is revalidation?
Revalidation is a system of regulation for medical doctors which was introduced by the General Medical Council in December 2012. To revalidate and continue to hold a licence to practise, doctors have to demonstrate regularly that their knowledge is up to date and they are fit to practise.

What is the General Medical Council?
The General Medical Council (GMC) is an independent body with responsibility for regulating doctors in the UK. Its legal purpose is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by making sure that doctors meet its standards for good medical practice.

How does a doctor revalidate?
Revalidation is based on information from a doctor’s annual appraisals, supported by a portfolio of information. This portfolio includes evidence of the doctor’s continuing professional development, their involvement in quality improvement activity, complaints, compliments and significant events, and formal feedback from patients and colleagues.

The appraisal outputs are reviewed by a senior doctor who is known as their ‘responsible officer’. Based on this information and additional governance information held by their health care organisation, the responsible officer will make a recommendation to the GMC normally every five years, on whether to revalidate the doctor. The GMC will then decide whether the doctor should be revalidated and continue to hold a licence to practise.

Watch our video below that explains the importance of medical revalidation.

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