Medicines management

Medicines are the most used treatment in the NHS. Find out how we manage medicine at the Trust.

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Medicines are the most used treatment in the NHS. They are important in the delivery of high quality healthcare and contribute significantly to achieving successful outcomes.

It is important we manage medicines well. We need to make sure medicine is handled safely and securely and that any medication we prescribe is safe, clinically appropriate and cost effective. 

To ensure the safety of medication in our Trust, we:
  • Do all that is reasonably possible to limit any safety risks related to the use of medicines
  • Ensure anyone providing care or treatment to service users which involves medicines have the qualifications, competence, skills and experience to do so safely
  • Make sure, where equipment or medicines are supplied by the Trust, there are sufficient quantities to ensure the safety of service users and to meet their needs
  • Ensure medicines are procured, transported, received, stored, administered and disposed of safely and securely in the Trust
Medicines formularies and guidelines
The medicines formulary is a list of medicines which have been approved for use. It provides up to date information regarding the most appropriate and cost effective use of medicines for treating medical conditions.

We make sure the most appropriate medicines are used when treating patients. We follow national, regional and local clinical and prescribing guidelines. 

The following local area prescribing committees provide guidance on the use of medicines: