Nathan's story
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Workplace modifications in practice
Through Nathan's story, we share an example of how workplace modifications can support someone in their return to work. 

Nathan's story 

Nathan is a 52-year-old site managers at a larger warehouse. Nathan's photo.jpg

​Nathan's job involves walking up to 10 miles per day. Nathan sprained his ankle at home and has been off work for the last six weeks as a result. Nathan has been having physiotherapy treatment and is keen to get back to work now his ankle is feeling better, so he arranged a meeting with his manager to discuss the possibility of phased return to work. Nathan normally works four-10 hour shifts per week.

During their meeting Nathan and his manager agreed that he would start by working three, five-hour shifts per week, working every other day and taking regular breaks to rest as needed. He would then gradually build up to his normal full time hours over the following four to six weeks whilst continuing with his physiotherapy treatment.

Nathan successfully returned to his full hours and duties and has not experienced any long-term problems with his ankle. 
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