NHS Care Records Guarantee

‚ÄčThe NHS Care Records Service is a secure service that links patient information from different parts of the NHS electronically, so that authorised NHS staff and patients have the information they need to make care decisions. NHS Connecting for Health is working closely with the Information Commissioner's Office to ensure that the NHS Care Records Service meets the UK's strict data protection and privacy regulations.

Advice and guidance is regularly sought from the Information Commissioner's Office by NHS Connecting for Health on the development of safeguards, which will protect the security and confidentiality of every patient's health care record in England. One such safeguard is the NHS Care Record Guarantee, which sets out the rules that will govern information held in the NHS Care Records Service. The Trust abides by the NHS Care Records Guarantee.

The NHS Care Records Guarantee is available from the Health and Social Care Information Centre. Further information is also available regarding the NHS Care Records Service.