Pain clinic

What to expect from the Chronic Pain Management Service.

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​We have a Pain Consultant and a Clinical Pharmacist working in the pain clinic. If we think you should be seen in pain clinic you will be sent a questionnaire to complete and return to ensure you are seen by the most appropriate member of the team. Once you return the questionnaire we will send you an appointment for the pain clinic.

What should I expect from my appointment with the pain clinic?
During your appointment the health care professional will ask you about your pain, medical history and treatments you may have already tried. We try to find ways to help manage your symptoms and this may be by introducing a new medication or altering your current medication. We may also recommend alternative treatments to help manage your symptoms.

Pain Management Programme
The Pain Management Programme is a group treatment approach for people who are struggling to live with chronic pain. It is led by a clinical psychologist and physiotherapist and aims to teach people with similar problems about pain, the best ways to cope with it, and how to lead a more active life.

Physical, psychological and practical strategies are taught which have been found to be beneficial in helping people to manage their pain related problems and reduce its impact on their lives. However, pain relief is not the primary goal.