Information we hold about patients

We hold and record important information about our service users to help us provide safe and effective care.

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​In order to provide safe and effective care, and to identify and contact patients easily, the Trust will record your name, date of birth, NHS number, contact details, ethnicity, gender, GP and assessment details using both paper and electronic care records.

The information recorded will also include details of other people involved in your care, such as social workers and any carers who support you.

The Trust will use the information to:
  • Check the care you're receiving meets your needs
  • Share important information with staff who may be involved in your care (especially outside working hours)
  • Assist in the prevention and control of disease (the Trust is required by law to report any infectious diseases)
  • Investigate when a complaint is made or a serious incident occurs 
  • Report on the activity of our services or to carry out research. In these cases, information about patients will be used, but in a form that does not identify them personally. If this is not possible then their permission will be obtained before personal information is used in this way
  • To participate in the National Fraud Initiative for the prevention and detection of fraud
  • To record any incidents that happen during the period of your care
You can find more information about how we record and store information about you and your care on the protecting your information page.