Personality disorder - August 2018

Find out about the stigma that some people with personality disorder face.

 Content Editor

‚ÄčPersonality disorder is a diagnosis given to someone who experiences a certain set of difficulties that affect the way they think, perceive, feel and relate to themselves and others.

If someone has personality disorder, often the way they cope is different and more extreme compared with other people. They will often have problems keeping and forming healthy relationships. Someone with these types of difficulties may find their emotions confusing, exhausting and hard to control, which can be distressing for them and for others around them.

Many people have unhelpful and inaccurate beliefs about what it means to have a personality disorder and this creates a stigma round the illness. These false beliefs make people ashamed or afraid to speak about their experiences. This stops people getting the help they need and leads to the loss of friends, family relationships, jobs, homes and even lives. 

View our infographic below which highlights personality disorder facts and stigma:

PD stigma infographic.jpg