Our purpose, strategy and culture

Find out about our overall purpose, strategic priorities and our organisational culture.

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Our purpose
At North West Boroughs Healthcare, our overall purpose is to take a lead in improving the wellbeing of our communities in order to make a positive difference throughout people's lives.

Our strategic priorities
Our strategy for 2019-2022 sets out the direction and priorities for our organisation for the next three years. Our strategic priorities are:
  • We will deliver quality, safe and efficient services with a highly skilled and motivated workforce.
  • We will deliver whole person care through targeted growth.
  • We will retain our values and culture.
  • We will engage with our communities and staff to deliver services differently.
  • We will play an active role in place-based care systems to maintain a whole person care focus and high clinical standards.
  • We will grow and develop the Trust at scale, being seen as an equal partner in any system-wide collaboration.
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Our values
Our values were developed with staff and reflect what matters to us. They are evidenced in the way we do things and how we behave.
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Our behaviours
We believe it's not just what we do that is important; it's the way we do things which sets us apart from other organisations. Our staff behaviours are an important part of our culture.

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Our culture of care
Our culture of care puts a clear focus on delivering high quality care for our patients, service users and carers. This is how we have chosen to implement NHS England's 6Cs – care, compassion, commitment, courage, communication and competence – which we believe don't just apply to our nursing staff, but to every member of staff.

How it all fits together

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