We are committed to protecting children and vulnerable adults in our care from abuse, neglect and harm.

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Safeguarding is everyone's business
Safeguarding is about keeping people safe by protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect. 

A child or adult at risk is someone who would be unable to protect themselves from abuse or neglect if it was to happen to them. This may be because of their age, disability or illness. Children can also be at risk of neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Abuse and neglect can occur anywhere and as an NHS trust, we have a duty of care to protect and safeguard children and vulnerable adults who are in our care, including both community patients and inpatients staying on our mental health wards. 

We are committed to promoting the welfare and wellbeing of children, young people and adults at risk. The Trust has a safeguarding adults lead and a named nurse for safeguarding children. 

All our staff have a duty to be alert to potential safeguarding concerns in children and adults, and to implement the Trust's safeguarding policies and procedures, working in partnership with other local agencies to help protect those at risk.

We also provide advice and support across the Trust and train staff on safeguarding children and adults, including supervision skills, basic awareness and advice on specific topics such as domestic abuse.

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