Special School Nurses - Knowsley

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​Who we are
We are a dedicated nursing service for children with special needs in Knowsley.
We are based within Bluebell Park school in Kirkby. We always have a nurse on site during school hours during term time. 

Who is our service for?
Our aim is to support and promote healthy lifestyles for children and young people aged 2 to 19 at the school
Personalised health care plans – we help children and young people develop their own health care plans

We work closely with young people, their families and carers, other school staff, healthcare professionals, and the Knowsley Children with Disabilities Team, as well as private and voluntary agencies to make sure the needs of young people are met.

Who do we work in partnership with?
We also work together with the Children's Community Nursing Team to support children and young people with complex health care needs at Bluebell Park school.
  • Communication – we are trained in alternative communication methods such as Makaton, the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and various communication aids so we can work closely with children and young people
  • Health promotion sessions – we  deliver personalised sessions on topics such as dental hygienehealthy diets and hand washing
  • Accessibility – we are on site at the school every day and provide easy-read leaflets, education about the roles of healthcare workers so children and young people find health services easy to understand
  • Clinical interventions – for children with complex needs
  • Teaching and awareness sessions – we help those working with your child to understand topics such as tube feeding, tracheostomy care and looking after your child's medical equipment
  • Transition to adulthood – we work closely with adult health services to ensure a smooth transition for children reaching adulthood
  • School leaver care plans – we work closely with GPs and paediatricians to complete school leaver plans

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​Contact us
Team Manager
Stockbridge Village Health Hub
The Withens
Stockbridge Village
L28 1NR
Tel: 0151 443 2510

Special School Nursing Team
Bluebell Park School
Cawthorne Walk
L32 3XP
Tel: 0151 477 8656