Spirituality and values

Spirituality is deeply personal and can help us to develop our own personal values.

 Content Editor

Spiritual values and skills can help us to develop the better parts of ourselves. They can help us to become more creative, patient, persistent, honest, kind, compassionate, wise, calm, hopeful and joyful.

Spiritual skills include:
  • Honesty, seeing yourself as others do, staying focused on the present, being alert and attentive
  • Resting, relaxing and creating a still peaceful state of mind
  • Having empathy for others
  • Learning better judgement, such as when to speak or act, and when to remain silent or do nothing
  • Learning how to listen and give to others without feeling drained
  • Being able to grieve and let go
Spirituality emphasises the idea that the giver and receiver both gain something from what happens. It is deeply personal, so try to discover what works best for you. 

A three-part daily routine can be helpful:
  • A regular quiet time for contemplation, prayer, reflection or meditation
  • Study of spiritual or religious materials
  • Building supportive friendships with others with similar aims and aspirations