Staff governors

Our staff governors are elected to represent the interests of our staff members.

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Below you can view a list of the staff members currently elected to our Council of Governors in each of our staff groups.

Our Council of Governors meets four times a year and as members, you are welcome to attend and observe these meetings.

Allied health professionals
Julie Moss
Julie Moss.jpgI am an Occupational Therapist in Later Life and Memory Services on the inpatient wards in Warrington and Knowsley, having worked across many areas of the Trust, at various levels, for 30+ years. I am committed to promoting the maintenance and development of the invaluable services we provide to our service users, their families and carers. I strive for excellence in all I do, and look forward to the challenges of being an effective AHP Governor.

Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin.jpgI am a dietitian working for community dietetics in Knowsley and St Helens. I have worked for 20 years in clinical services, mostly in acute and community paediatrics, but also in diabetes and eating disorder services. I am passionate about strengthening partnership working to improve patient care, through sharing skills, expertise and experience. I believe in listening to the needs of service users and enabling them to have their voice heard, and the chance to influence service delivery to a high quality and safe standard.

Managers (band 8 and above)
Jane Neve
Jane Neve.jpgI am a qualified nurse with more than 25 years' experience working, for most of that time, with service users with severe mental illness. I will bring the knowledge and experience I have gained to my role as a governor representing the workforce, and, within that role, always strive to keep the service user at the centre of everything we do. I feel very strongly about delivering high quality services which address and improve the health inequalities many of those with mental health problems experience, and delivering services I would be happy for a relative of mine to receive. 

Nursing staff
Jason O'Flaherty
Jason OFlaherty.jpgI am a qualified adults' nurse with over 20 years' experience working across health and social care. I have worked for this Trust for two years, employed as the Manual Handling and Falls Advisor. This role requires me to work Trust-wide, which gives me a good insight into how the Trust is performing. When assessing how well we are doing, I consider if this service is the kind of care I would want for my mum, dad, wife or children. I am not afraid to ask the difficult questions and believe I have the skills and experience to know what good and excellent care looks like. Striving for this keeps me motivated in my role.

Kevin Redmond
Kevin Redmond.jpgI am proud to be a specialist nurse for looked after children within the Safeguarding Children Team in Knowsley. Previously, I have worked in child and adolescent psychiatry, emergency/crisis care of adults, later life and memory services and community health and wellbeing. I would like to bring the wealth of knowledge and experience I hold to the Council of Governors in our mission to continually make a positive difference in the lives of service users and staff.  

Supporting services

Chris Peake
Chris Peake.jpg
I was the Trust's Complaints Manager for more than eight years. More recently, I have become Investigation Lead supporting the serious incident investigation process. Many of my administrative team have commented that they often feel the work they do is not fully recognised or appreciated. As your staff governor, I will do my best to raise the profile of these functions and services to gain the recognition they deserve.

Louise McKay
Louise McKay.jpg
I have worked for the NHS for the last 23 years and currently I'm  based within the Complaints, Compliment's and PALS Team.  My background has always been in administrative services and until recently I worked with the Company Secretary Team. Part of my role within this team was working for and along-side the current Governors.  I believe I have the skills, experience and knowledge of the Governor role and I am passionate about the NHS and the staff group I represent.  My overall aim is to make a positive contribution to the Trusts Council of Governors.

Medical staff
Dr Narender Dhillon.jpg
Dr Narender Dhillon
I am a consultant psychiatrist in learning disabilities who cares passionately about our Trust and our clients. I am keen to influence a number of areas of local healthcare, such that there is improved overall patient care. I believe acknowledgement and action on the views of the medical workforce does eventually enhance patient experience and positively influence population-based health outcomes. I will bring my knowledge and understanding of the challenges at grass-root level to represent the voice of the medical workforce and contribute positively to the wellbeing of our staff and our communities.

If you'd like to speak to one of your local governors, you can do so by contacting our Company Secretary Office on 01925 664 878 or by email at