Tom's case study
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Tom's case study

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​Tom is a 37 year old office worker. 

The office he works in has a storage room filled with fairly heavy boxes containing documents stored on shelves that vary from floor height to above shoulder height. Tom has started to notice that he is getting pain in his upper back when lifting objects from the highest and lowest shelves so he went to discuss this with his manager. Tom also referred himself to his local NHS physiotherapy service.

As a result of the above conversations, the boxes on the storage shelves were arranged so that the heavier boxes were stored around waist height, and only lighter boxes were on the top and bottom shelves. Tom's physiotherapist gave him some exercises to help strengthen his back and advised him to take up some regular exercise to improve his overall fitness. 

Tom now feels able to manage in work as his back pain has settled and he feels able to carry on with his job without having to take time off work. 
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