Mental Health Urgent Response Team

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​Who we are
Our Mental Health Urgent Response Team provides specialist assessment, advice and signposting for adults with moderate, severe and enduring symptoms of mental illness such as severe depression and anxiety, as well as conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. 

Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Who is our service for?
Our service is for adults with moderate to severe and enduring symptoms of mental illness, whose needs would best be met by specialist mental health services.

Who do we work in partnership with?
We work closely with other local mental health services, including NHS and third sector services.

How to access our service
If you're experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of mental ill-health, we recommend making an appointment to see your GP. Often, they will be able to support you and can look at what services are available locally, which can best support your needs. This could include discussing medication options, counselling, referral to our Think Wellbeing service or other services or groups.

If you do need more specialist mental health support, you may be referred to our team. You can be referred by anyone who is concerned that you have an emergency or urgent mental health need. This could be your GP or another health or care professional.  You can also contact the team yourself.

What will happen at your first appointment?
We aim to provide a timely response based on the urgency of your needs. This may include a face-to-face appointment within four hours, a telephone contact within 24 hours or a face-to-face contact within four weeks.

If you have an assessment with the team, you will be asked different questions about your mental health symptoms and any other difficulties you may be experiencing which may be having an impact on your mental health. This will help us to understand your needs.

Together, we discuss which service will be able to meet your needs best and  develop a plan of care.
If we feel that ongoing support from  one of our specialist mental health services is the best care plan for you, we will arrange for your care to be transferred to the most appropriate team.

It may be that we feel other local services would be better able to help you, such as psychological therapy services or third sector organisations. If this is the case, we will also will be able to refer you onto these services so you can begin accessing help.

If there is anything we can do to make our service more accessible for you, please let your referrer know so this can be included on the referral form or let a member of the Mental Health Urgent Response Team know.

Where else do we provide the service?
We provide similar services for mental health assessment in Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington.

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Contact us
Mental Health Urgent Response Team
Urgent Treatment Centre
Christopher Home
Royal Albert Edward Infirmary
Wigan Lane

Tel: 01942 636 395

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